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Botto, pronounced "bot-tuh" in my native spoken language of Sourashtra, signifies "fabric."

Rooted in a family tradition of weaving and backed by extensive experience in textile design, my focus at Botto Labs is cultivating a sustainable and versatile design language that seamlessly blends advanced technology with traditional craftsmanship. The lab focuses on harnessing the potential of natural fibers and yarns, utilizing weaving and printing techniques to create visually appealing designs while prioritizing environmental consciousness.

The fusion of technology and traditional craftsmanship lies at the core of our approach, resulting in the development of functional circular systems for various industrial and consumer applications. Our commitment is to unveil the hidden beauty, functionality, and value that others may overlook.

At Botto Labs, an unwavering dedication to sustainability and innovation fuels the vision for a future where textiles seamlessly blend with nature. The aim is to foster a harmonious coexistence between design and the environment, showcasing the infinite possibilities arising from the convergence of creativity, craftsmanship, and technology.

Collaboration lies at the heart of Botto Labs. We actively seek partnerships with diverse homegrown and international brands, motivated individuals, as well as design studios, to contribute to the preservation and promotion of traditional techniques within the crafts sector. By blending these time-honored practices with the latest technological advancements, we create a harmonious coexistence between heritage and innovation.

- Nitya Amarnath